What's Ranked Choice Voting all about? See what people are saying.
“The one reform to save America.”
- David Brooks
“Get ready to rank, America.”
- The Economist

“I’m tired of throwing my vote away, and I’m tired of voting for the ‘lesser evil.’ I want the chance to vote for the person I believe to be the absolute best candidate for the position, and know that that vote will make a difference in the final tally. Even if my candidate doesn’t win, my position will be heard.”

-Barbara Freeman

“Ranked choice voting just makes good sense. It makes sure we have a majority candidate that wins every election.”

-Ron Bancroft, businessman

“I support ranked choice voting because I think it will do a lot to reduce the rancor in the campaigns, and the highly partisan nature of the candidates that we choose. Right now only the most extreme parts of each party participate in the primaries, and so at the end of the day that’s who we’re left with to choose from. And that has led to the paralysis of government.”

-Rep. Janice Cooper

“I’m tired of cookie cutter politicians running for office and not giving people real choices. There are so many folks who have great ideas about how to build a better state, and tackle the big issues in our communities.”

-Ben Chin

“We need a system that people form a consensus and have a belief in it… The level of rhetoric and anger has gotten worse and worse… [Ranked choice voting] is one small step to [stopping that].”

-Rep. Les Fossel

“[Ranked choice voting] provides us a way to vote for candidates that is truly representative about how people feel about them.”

-Kym Dakin

“I support ranked choice voting because it will give voters more choice in their elections.”

-Griffin Johnson

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