Ranked Choice Voting is an easy way to give Mainers More Voice. You can now rank your vote, starting with the primary election on June 12, 2018.


Voters in Maine will make history on June 12, 2018, when we become the first in the nation to participate in a statewide Ranked Choice Voting election. Maine voters should feel confident walking into the ballot box on June 12th.

: Ranked Choice Voting gives you the power to rank candidates in your order of preference.Rank as many or as few as you like.

DECLARING A WINNER: Ballots are counted in rounds where the last place candidates lose until one candidate reaches a majority and wins. If your favorite candidate can’t win, your vote counts for your second choice, so you never feel like your vote is wasted.

Ranked Choice Voting will allow Maine voters to have more choice in elections, as we will be able to rank our choices of candidates in order of preference.

Ranked Choice Voting encourages candidates to seek support from all of us.

Voters who have used Ranked Choice Voting report more positive and issue-focused campaigns.

Absentee voting starts May 14th and ends June 7th. Contact your town clerk to find out what time the polls open in your community on June 12th.

see a sample ballot

To help educate your friends and neighbors about participating in Maine’s first Ranked Choice Voting election, please share this page. To stay informed or get involved, please visit our Facebook Page or contact Voter Education Directors Abbie Ryder at abbie@morevoice.org or Chris Cayer at chris@morevoice.org.

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